About Me

Third generation San Josean, and fifth generation San Francisco Bay areaa - Which is now called "Silicon Valley." 2015 is my 26th year of being a full time Realtor in Silicon Valley. I have weathered and consulted with my clients 2 recessions (early 1990's and 2008's) and all the other ups and downs during these 29 years.
I would say, "putting my client's needs first" is my best trait. I am also very candid and tell the truth even when it might be difficult for my clients to hear. I believe my job as a Realtor is extremely important and I take what I do as serious business. I am mostly a 90% referral Realtor which means most of my clients come from my doing a very good and solid job with my past clients - Many of whom have used my services over and over again...some with their children and even some with their grandkids....Now I feel old!